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summer [10 Jul 2008|12:43pm]
So a lot has happened so far this summer. In may i broke up with mike, He is just so annoying..thank god for that. Then one night i met this kid andy and he was gorgeous. We started hanging out and hooking up and shit. Then one night i was supposed to hang out with him and i went out with liz for a lil and he called and was like hey im chillen with a firend i havent seen in a while do u mind..were still chillen and i was like no its cool. Then he calls back and was like were im still chillen with him if you want you can go to my house and chill with stewwy or go in the pool till i get there and i was like nahh its cool im with my freinds. So then he calls back and is like yo where u at and i was like im with jess at steves and he was like really ill be there in 2 minutes. So he comes and barely says anything to me the whole time. He was hitting on jess and then i was like i gotta go to your house cause i left my work clothes there and he was like i dunno what im doin if im stayin out or not cant u get them tommorrwo and i was like no i got work tomoorw. So i ended up going down there that nite and we havent talked since. Then hes texting jess saying let me see your tits and trying to kiss her and shit.

WE went down the shore for like 4 days and stayed at jess's house. It was cool but there was some drama of course. One night we met these dudes on the boardwalk and we chilled with them the next night at their hotel. The one dude was trying to hook up with me and i wanted to hook up with him. So me and kim went back to jess;s house real quick to get more beer. We came backed and chilled and walked on the beach at like 4am lol. then me and tommy went back to the hotel. wE all left a lil bit later and jess was like ohh i hooked up with him when you went back to my house.

Last friday on the 4th of july me kim and dan went downtown to some bar on south st. i met this guy shwan there. Hes hot and so sweet and nice. We ended up seeing fireworks the next night and chillen. I talked to him sunday and monday and on tuesday i called him and he was like ill call you back and never did. i called him yesterday on wednesday and he never answered or called back. I juss dont undertand. He was all saying he likes me and telling my friends he likes me and now hes gonna play me like that and just not talk to me. whatever.

tonite im going out with liz and then tomoorw pool party andm maybe the club.
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[09 Jan 2008|12:12pm]
Im making garlic bread lolz.. Yesterday joe called and asked me to come over.. i said after i eat dinner and he said ok call me..so i eat and call him and he was like i gotta go to my grandmoms for a lil so i was like ok ill talk to ya later then and then he called me a bully?? and he was like ill call you when im done here and i said yea and hung up. The nthis morning he calls me and was like i got locked out of my car im at work can you come pick me up..so i had to go all the way by franklin mills get on woodhaven raod and get off a bristal. So i got him and then took him to his house and then he needed to go to ccp and then he went and got his car and i came home. And he was like what are u doing today and i said going to the mall and he said what time and i said 5 and he was like what are u doing after that and i said i duno ill be out and he was like you going to the mall from 5-10 and i was like i dunno ill be out and he was like if your gonna go out aftrewards just tell me and then he was like so whose the guy and i was like what and laughed and he was like yehh..who is he?? and then i got mad at him i was like i dont have a new guy and he was like i was just kidding about that im just trying to see you. So then i kissed him goodbye and left. He told me to call him later. I just miss how things used to be. I miss him and hanging out with him. Now everytime we hang out its a struggle i duno hopefully it will go back to normal this summer.
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[06 Jan 2008|09:21pm]
This weekened was fun. Friday me kim megan kristyn mike jess and jackie went to mikes..mark and some kid bill and some girl jen was there..fun times..saturday me kim megan kristyn mike and mike went to dans. fun. Peezy is an ashhole. He keeps commenting this girl and i can tell her likes her..oh well.
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[01 Jan 2008|07:10pm]
well christmas and new years have came and gone..this year was ok..it just didnt feel like the holidays prolly because i was stressing so much about school and then i came home and started working full time.My plasma tv is all set up in my room im excited about that..i dont know when i last wrote but on friday i saw peezy for a lil after work..he ws supposed to call me later that nite but never did..so yesterday was new years eve and he called me when i was at work and asked me what i was doing that nite..i said i duno trying to drink and shit and then he said ok give me a call when ur done work and i said why and he was like i dont wanna bother you when your working and i was like i doesnt matter i can be on the phone and then he said his freind was beeping in and he would call me back which he never did so i called him at like 815 and he didnt answer or call me back that nite..so that nite we first went to steve steins house..it was ok really beat though becasue there was no one there but i had fun and then we went to dans and chilled there it was me kim meg kristyn mike bill jackie kim drew jill and dan..fun time..slept over kims and went to work at 930 this morning..crazy i was tired as shit..as i walked out kims door i dropped my phone and the screen went blank and it is still that way so i can answer calls and call people but i cant see anything..i talked to my dad im getting a new one on saturday but i gotta pay for it..oh and last nite me and kim went to wawa and there was no food left lol..then as we were driving home my phone rang and it was private and i answered but no one was there..so i thoguht maybe it was shalom and then they called back and someone answered and i thought it was shalom but then i realized it wasnt lol..i knew it wasnt peezy and it didnt sound quite like joe and it ended up being jim..aww lol...funny convo he said hes been calling me for months but i never answer and hes been leavin me vioicewmails and shit..wtf he must be dialing the wrong number because i never get anything.
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[30 Dec 2007|11:42am]
so nothing has been going on..on friday i stopped over peezys for about 20 minutes after work..i havent talked to him since but whatever..tomorrow is new years eve so hopefully that is fun
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[25 Dec 2007|12:01pm]
today is christmas!!! So uesterday i had work 10-6 and at like 5 peezy called me..I was like im atr work and then he was like what are you doing later and i said just going home and sleeping becasue im tired then i asked him about the phone call on saturday nite and he said that jess did say that she wanted to chill with us four and his friend kept blowing up his phone all day and peezy was like chill shes at work so i duno..so iasked him to chill friday and he said to hit him up.. i was so tired last nite I didnt wanna get up this morning..zi didnt get that much shit juss some pajamas, a little money, a plasma tv, and other litle shit. i cant wait for my paycheck to come.Well im going to my grandmoms today.later.
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[24 Dec 2007|12:55am]
My life sucks. peezy called me friday when i was at work and asked what i was doing that nite..i said nuttin becuase im working late and early the next morning so i asked him to chill saturday and he told me to hit him up. Saturday i went to walk 7-3 picked kim up and went to my moms christmas party. I called peezy no answer. So i called him again like 2 hours later no answer. He never called back. So at 4 am i get a phone call saying yo whats up with your freind that girl who wore the pink hoodie (jess) saying to my freind that me you her and my friend are hanging out tomoorw. I was like what i dont know what your talking about i havent even talked to her and im working till midnite tomoorw. And then he said ok and hung up. Wtf what did i do wrong..i knew that kid messaged jes wanting to chill but i never said anything about it or anything..so then i called jess today and she told me that she told the kid that she wanted to chill with all her friends not juss them too and he was like well has michelle talked to peezy and she said yeh. so i duno how this all happened and why he is mad. Im so done with it only i cant be. I acually liked him and i liked hanging out with him. Then i got in a fite with my dad about coming in late hes was juss being an asshole. I was so mad that when i called shalom back i started crying and he kept asking what was wrong but i couldnt tell him. So i went to work and kim bill and kev visited me..now im home. Work again 10-6. It doesnt even feel like christmas. Im always so miserable around this holiday..next year i shouldnt even bother to celebrate it.
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[19 Dec 2007|02:31am]
oday i ahd work all day and then i met up with kim and went tanning..yeh im burnt as shit..it sucks im all itchy and shit.. i talked to joe today at work, nothing really happened. Went to kristas tonite and chilled there and then dropped kim off and came home..peezy juss called because I called him earler and he said hes going to the bathroom now and hell call me back lolz

dude im scared..ive been spotting all last week and all of a sudden since last nite i got bad cramps or pain or sumptin and i have been gushing blood..its horrible ive been leaking through tampons and shit..its just horrible and i dont know why..then krista said i could have ahd a maiscarriage and i dunno what to think of that..if i did it would have been with mark becuase if the condom broke i dont really tkae my birth control..wtf
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[17 Dec 2007|03:53pm]
So i havent updated in a few days becuse it is pointless and no one reads this anyway but ohh welll...

Friday me kim and meg went to Roxxy. When we got there it was beat there was like no one dancing but then it got much better and was jam packed. I mwt up with peezy abnd his friends. It was a fun time they were all grinding with each other and they triued to grind with the bouncer and he was like get off of me hahah. Then Peezy made me pole dance, there was a big fite with 2 dudes and the bouncer kicked the one down the steps hahah it was great..So yeh me and peezy made out the whole nite and then he gave me this hcikey on my neck that looked like a bruise. He wanted me to chill aftrwards..so me kim and meg left at 130 and kim got sumotin to eat and then i took meg home went to 7-11 and it was almost 3 and i was tired so i went home and then peezy called and i told him i wasnt chillen and he got pissed..

Saturday i woke up abd was pissed that peezy wsa pissed at me so i called joe and he didnt answer and then he called me back..I got ready and picked him up and then we went to wendys and his friend called and needed a ride because his car got towed so after we ate i took him home..yeh pointless..I called peezy he wasnt mad anymore he was going out with his boys..so yeh i havent talked to him since..

Sunday i worked 7-330..Joe called when i ws there and he told me to call him when i got home..So i called him and he was like what you doing tonite and i said sleeping and he was like n you gonna come over to my house.. and then he said something and was like i call you back..so i got a shower and fell asleep in my bed and he called around 7 and i was like im sleeping and he said hell call call me the next day which would be today..

So today he called me and asked if he could come over so i said ok and he was like alrite im getting lunch ofr my cousins and then ill be over. So he came over and we were chillen and we started making out and then he wanted to do shit and i was like no and he just kept asking why and i just said becasue and then he was like thats fucked up.. he kept asking why and i said i cant..and then he said why are you with someone else and i said no and then he was like why cant you talk to me and he was like do u have your period and i said yeh and he was like you dont have your period and i saud yes i do and he was like when did you get that and i said earlier this week.So then we chilled and watched tv and ate m&ms..i gave him 20 dollars becasue he had no money and asked me to boroow some until he got paid..he said hell pay me back friday if he doesnt i swear i wont talk to him anymore..

i hate this I have been spotting for like a week and a half kinda bad..its affecting my sex life lolz..this happened before and it didnt go away until i actually got my period..this so soo gay..im tired..i have work tomoorw 12-830 and then think im chillen with kim for a little.. i have work friday nite form 2-1030 and then on saturday from 7-3 and then my mom is having a christmas party..so the only nite im actayually gonna go out is saturday..yeh cool..oh well i need the money.
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[13 Dec 2007|04:22pm]
I just got home for xmas break. im soo tired. Peezy called me last nite and said hes drfiantly going to the club and he wants my freinds to get really drunk so they wont wanna leave lolz..hes going to a 21st birthday party on saunday so im gonna try to go to the club on friday to see him for a lil bit. Well im gonan go wcth intervention haha
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[12 Dec 2007|06:53pm]
i have a final in 15 minutes and i barely studied. I have two tomoorw and istill gotta clean my room, pack, and sell the rest of my books back. whatever. nothing has been going on. this weekened beter be fun. k bye
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[10 Dec 2007|05:35pm]
so i talked to peezy last nite..same old crap. Hes going to the club friday i dunno if im going.. i wanna go but my friends most likely wont wanna. So today i have my experimental psychology final..it was hard as shit..i barely studied because its soo boring i woukld rather stare at a tree for 10 hours. I didnt know the multiple choice but i think i did alrite on the definations and the factoral designs. Whatever, ill atleast get a C in that class. So tonite im gonna be up all nite writing my essays for cross cultural and human sexuality and the hills season finale is on tonite and then the midnite breakfast. Tomoorw im gona be studing all day..yeh what a life lol. I dunno what im doing this weekend..i wanna have fun at not end up sitting at some corny assp persons house. whatever this is pointless.pc
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[09 Dec 2007|11:31am]
friday peezy called me and askd me to go to the club with im but i didnt becuase i was getting up early on saturday to go to new york..then he called me at like 3 then said hell call me when he got home and he called me at like 5 lolz. He just basically said he wants to chill with me when i come home and hes trying to chill juss me and him sometime and wants me to sleepover. I was thinking i asked him to chill with me by myself b4 and he never called me back that night but ohwell iwasnt gonna bring it up..kim keeps telling me not to sleep over there but in the end its my decision..i know im not gonna do anything i dont wanna do..if he gets the wrong impression than oh well his fault. i was supposed to call him last nite when i got home but i didnt feel like it so ill call him later tonite..so yesterday i went to new york city..its was ok it could have been a lot better though..we go there and ate at mdonalds and then saw a christmas show at radio city music hall which was really good and then afterwards we started to walk to this big acrocrombie and fitch store and we were like 2 blocks from it and my mom decides that she wants to go to the rockafella center to see the big christmas tree..so we turn around and start walking thereand we have to walk past radio city music hall which is packed with people coming in nd out of shows so it taked like 20 minutes to get across the street..so me my aunts and my cousins get seperated from my mom aunt and grandmom. We look for them and couldnt find them so finally 15min later my aunt calls me saying they are at the rokafella center, they juss didnt wait for us after we got seperated. So we walk down there its packed and we stand there for 5 minutes and stare at this tree.The my aunts and cousins decide they wanna walk back to this buffet place they saw to get something to eat, so they do that and then me my aunt my mom and my grandmom like walk for a block and then my grandmom says shes tired and wants to sit down..so we go to starbucks but there are not seats open so then we go to dunkin doughnuts and the seats all downstairs and they didnt wanna walk down there and there be no seats..then we went to fridays and my grandmom was like i dont wanan eat here if ur have to wait to have your name called and all..so then we went to this place that had sandwhiches and desserts and got something to eat there. I got a cinnombun and a drink..and we sat there for like 45 minutes and then went up to the bathroom and waited but the line was long and there was only one bathroom so then we left and then met my aunts and cousins and left. So yeh i dint get to do any shopping and i didnt spend any money. Kim wants to go soon im like nahh its way too crowded and its cold too. I wanna go in the spring or summer when it isnt this crowded and i can actually go shopping. So now im here juss chillen..i wanna watch the thing about lauren from the hills at 12 then get redy to go back to school, stop tat the mall and then drive back up..i have a soreity dinner tonite at 5 at applebees and i have a final tomoorw morning at 930 i havent even started studying..oh well i guess im not sleeping tonite or at all this week. Yeh way to post a pic of you and some ulgy ass girl haha i think its funny and then someone says way shes hot hook me up it made me laugh even harder hahah..people really need to stop messageing me telling me its their birthday and asking me what im getting them..i dont care that why i havent responded..you havent even called me or remebered my birthday so fuck you
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[07 Dec 2007|01:53pm]
nuttin hsa been going on the past few days. i came home today because my school is having a christmas thing tonite and im supposed to go with my family but i didnt wanna drive home at nite when its icy and shit out so i was juss gonna drive back up with them but now my grandmom aint going and my dad was like its pointless to go because we were coming up to see you and now you came home. Im like wtf i was coming home in the first place i jus didnt wanna drive when its shitty out. So i dunno. Im going to new york tommorw with my family..i wanna chagre my mp3 player so i can listen to it on the way up but i realized that last year on the way home from new orleans the people at the airport broke my headphones and i never got new ones. yeh so i have finals next week..sucks but at least im done. I still havent gone xmas shopping and its in like 2 weeeks. um yeh i have a feeling new years eve is gonna suck hahha. Me and kim are gonna wanna go out and everyone is gonna cry and be like we dont kno what to do ew should all be together so then well end up at some freaks house and it will be mike and kristyn, megan will hook up with his friend bill, bill will call kim and they will meet up, and me and jess will juss be sitting there staring at each other lol. wow i need a life haha
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[03 Dec 2007|04:37pm]
so peezy never called me back last nite but he messaged me on myspace saying hi but he got off by the time i replied so i dont know what that was about. So mark texted me last nite and he asked me if i wanted to see him i said umm sure and he was like if u dont want to you dont have to i wont be mad or sumptin like that..so i was like i do wanna see you and he was like ill be home in about an hour so ill call ya then..hahah this was like 1am lol. So we went to dans till like 230 and mark never called so i texted him and asked if he still wanted me to come..he said yeh but leave in 10 minutes..so me and kim went to wawa and then headed down there. Me and mark layed on the couch and his roomate kev was there so all 4 of us juss watched shit on tv..i heemed with mark hahaha then he was falling asleep and snoring and we were all making fun of him and he gave us the finger lol..then he went up to bed and he told me and kim we didnt have to leave then but we were tirted too so we left and went to mcdonalds and then went to bed at 6am hahaha. I dunno what we are doing tonite.its cold and windy as shit out.
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weekened [02 Dec 2007|08:22pm]
on friday peezy called me asking me what i was doing that night and crap and then asked me why i havent called him and stuff..yeh yeh yeh..so me kim and meg went to roxxy friday night. it was fun...peezy eventually showed up, he texted me when he got there. So i was up on the bar and steve was there and peezy wouldnt give me his beer lol so i made steve get me some shots hahah. then i had to dance with him nd he got me another shot lol..he tried to hjook up with me which was kinda gross. Then i chilled with peezy and we hooked up..he called me at 4am asking em to chill and me and kim were about to go to sleep so i waws like nahh but i think he was sorta pissed. Saturday we jus went over dans..peezy called and theni was driving so i had jess talk to him and she was like wanna chill and he was juss like im going out byee..
then today he kessaged jess and said she looked sexxy the other nite and was all like why werent u at the club..wtf that shit is soo gay..so i called him and asked him to chill and he said he will call me when he gets home so basically he wont or hell call me at like 4am.
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[30 Nov 2007|01:31pm]
i havent written in this thing in like a minute ahahah. so joe is an asshole. i he goes and messages one of my freinds trying to talk to them and everything. wow cool. I dont know what to do. everyone says not to talk to him anymore but i dunno. Ive been hooking up with him and been freinds with him for like 6 and a half years and to just not talk to him anymore will suck. I mean we have so much fun when we hang out and everything but i hate it when he does shit like this. I havent done anything to him..no one cares about him like i do. I just dont understand.
Last weekened i met up with shaloms freind peezy or paul lol and we went to the club and chilled afterwards and then the next day we chilled. We hooked up and then he called me when i got home. But yeh he called kim the next day and mesaged her saying whats up sexxy when are me and you gonna chill. I was soo pissed. Then he messaged megan and jess..i dunno. So then yesterday he messaged kim asking her about me..wtf man juss call me like why do you care dont be going around trying to chill with my freinds and then be like oh hows michelle...he mite be going tonite who knows.
im at kims i came home this weekend because its beat up at school. Shes at her grandparents and then were going out to get clothes for tonite. I wanna get that american eagel jacket i wanted they had it one sale for 69 up at school but they only had it in an xxs hah.. so yeh im a loser i dont know what im gonna do about this whole thing. i know i should be pissed and stoop makingt excuses but its hard.
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[18 Dec 2006|12:35am]
christmas sucks
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[21 Sep 2006|08:51pm]
i really do like him..
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[28 Aug 2006|08:17pm]
maybe we will work out this time...
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