Michelle (yeessssssss) wrote,


on friday peezy called me asking me what i was doing that night and crap and then asked me why i havent called him and stuff..yeh yeh yeh..so me kim and meg went to roxxy friday night. it was fun...peezy eventually showed up, he texted me when he got there. So i was up on the bar and steve was there and peezy wouldnt give me his beer lol so i made steve get me some shots hahah. then i had to dance with him nd he got me another shot lol..he tried to hjook up with me which was kinda gross. Then i chilled with peezy and we hooked up..he called me at 4am asking em to chill and me and kim were about to go to sleep so i waws like nahh but i think he was sorta pissed. Saturday we jus went over dans..peezy called and theni was driving so i had jess talk to him and she was like wanna chill and he was juss like im going out byee..
then today he kessaged jess and said she looked sexxy the other nite and was all like why werent u at the club..wtf that shit is soo gay..so i called him and asked him to chill and he said he will call me when he gets home so basically he wont or hell call me at like 4am.
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