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So a lot has happened so far this summer. In may i broke up with mike, He is just so annoying..thank god for that. Then one night i met this kid andy and he was gorgeous. We started hanging out and hooking up and shit. Then one night i was supposed to hang out with him and i went out with liz for a lil and he called and was like hey im chillen with a firend i havent seen in a while do u mind..were still chillen and i was like no its cool. Then he calls back and was like were im still chillen with him if you want you can go to my house and chill with stewwy or go in the pool till i get there and i was like nahh its cool im with my freinds. So then he calls back and is like yo where u at and i was like im with jess at steves and he was like really ill be there in 2 minutes. So he comes and barely says anything to me the whole time. He was hitting on jess and then i was like i gotta go to your house cause i left my work clothes there and he was like i dunno what im doin if im stayin out or not cant u get them tommorrwo and i was like no i got work tomoorw. So i ended up going down there that nite and we havent talked since. Then hes texting jess saying let me see your tits and trying to kiss her and shit.

WE went down the shore for like 4 days and stayed at jess's house. It was cool but there was some drama of course. One night we met these dudes on the boardwalk and we chilled with them the next night at their hotel. The one dude was trying to hook up with me and i wanted to hook up with him. So me and kim went back to jess;s house real quick to get more beer. We came backed and chilled and walked on the beach at like 4am lol. then me and tommy went back to the hotel. wE all left a lil bit later and jess was like ohh i hooked up with him when you went back to my house.

Last friday on the 4th of july me kim and dan went downtown to some bar on south st. i met this guy shwan there. Hes hot and so sweet and nice. We ended up seeing fireworks the next night and chillen. I talked to him sunday and monday and on tuesday i called him and he was like ill call you back and never did. i called him yesterday on wednesday and he never answered or called back. I juss dont undertand. He was all saying he likes me and telling my friends he likes me and now hes gonna play me like that and just not talk to me. whatever.

tonite im going out with liz and then tomoorw pool party andm maybe the club.
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